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NEWS 2024

FocalPoints 30th Anniversary Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation with FocalPoints

April 2024

REM LML 1000 Laser Integration REM LML 1000 External Laser Integration

March 2024

Acuity Polymers Collaboration Reaffirming our Collaboration with Acuity Polymers

March 2024

GSLS 2024 Reflections on the GSLS 2024 Symposium

February 2024

CLMA Membership Joining CLMA for Advancing the CL Industry

January 2024

MAP TRAY+ with FP Nexus Integrating Optimec MAP Tray + Nexus Automation

January 2024

Staying Ahead of Cyber Threats Staying Ahead of Cyber Threats

January 2024

NEWS 2023

Advance Medical 2023 Year Review Advance Year in Review: 2023 Wrapped

December 2023

FocalPoints Trademark FocalPoints® is now a Registered Trademark

November 2023

Advance Medical 2023 Year Review Enhancing Business Resilience with our BCP

November 2023

Streamlining Material Selection Streamlining Material Selection with Contamac

October 2023

Advance Tree Planting Pledge Planting Trees for a Greener Tomorrow

September 2023

Focal Points Enhancements and Updates Latest FocalPoints Enhancements and Updates

August 2023

FP/is830 Integration Integrating Optimec is830 unique Features

April 2023

Browser Log Better tools for Analysing the Licensees Log

March 2023

Manufacturing Live Dashboard Monitor Manufacturing KPIs with a Live Dashboard

February 2023

FocalPoints Eye Specialist Introducing Eye Specialist for the Lab's External Consultant

January 2023

NEWS 2022

Advance Tree Planting Pledge Going green with our annual Tree Planting Pledge

December 2022

New Edge Vault Feature New Dual Edge Vault Feature in FP Designer

October 2022

Schneider OM Integration Schneider OM Lathes are now Fully Integrated

June 2022

REM VT Integration Announcing the REM VT Lathes Integration

May 2022

Confourming Arbour Improving Quality with a Conforming Arbour

April 2022

Software Validation EFCLIN Lecture: The Importance of Software Validation

April 2022

EFCLIN Membership Advance becomes an EFCLIN Member

January 2022

NEWS 2021

Advance Obtains ISO 13485:2016 Advance obtains ISO 13485 Certification

December 2021

New PSC 2.0 Database Speed-up Production with the new PSC 2.0

December 2021

ROTLEX ConTest Integration Announcing the Rotlex ConTest Integration

June 2021

LAMBDA-X Nimo Integration Presenting the Lambda-X Integration

March 2021

ROTLEX ConTest Integration Welcoming Rotlex Brass 2000 Integration

February 2021