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Reflections on the GSLS 2024 Symposium

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The adventure commenced with a 16-hour flight from Milan to the heart of Nevada. The long journey was made enjoyable with a marathon of movies and a review of our planning.

Arriving at Las Vegas

We arrived at the lively Horseshoe Hotel and Casino at midnight, tired from a delay in Newark due to a missing co-pilot. Fortunately, arriving a day early, we had a few hours to play tourists. Before we knew it, we were swept up by Felix from Rem Vt and his group. Our gathering quickly became international, with representatives from Italy, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, and the USA, all united by our shared passion for the contact lens business. We were thrilled to see the Las Vegas Sphere for the first time in action. It is really an unbelievable feat of engineering, a typical “only in Vegas” attraction.

The Sphere in Las Vegas

Attending the Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) is the eyecare not-to-be-missed gathering for ECPs and the specialty contact lens industry. The GSLS has always been a great moment for accessing education and intercepting new trends. Being a company that thrives on innovating solutions for contact lens manufacturers, coming to the GSLS is always exciting. The symposium fully resonates with our vision of bringing better vision to all.

The GSLS Symposium

The first day of GSLS was a remarkable experience, especially with the warm reception we received for joining the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association (CLMA). From Sara Yost of Boston Sight to Jonathan Jacobson of Acuity, Monica Sanders of Visionary Optics, and many more, the support and congratulations were overwhelming. Each interaction left us feeling deeply humbled and grateful for the supportive community we've joined. This encouragement from industry peers reinforces our commitment to excellence and collaboration in the contact lens field.

Advance and DAC

Apart from the lectures, GSLS gives so many opportunities to nurture and rekindle business relations. Meeting with existing and new clients from all over the world was exciting and challenging at the same time. The symposium provided the perfect setting for face-to-face meetings, for renewing collaborations and exploring fresh business opportunities. While I was brainstorming with Kent Payne of DAC, Lorenzo was looking at a new design with our good friend Charley Creighton, from Lens Design Associates.

Supporting clients during the GSLS

The personal interactions, understanding nuanced requirements of clients, and discussing potential collaborations under the vibrant ambiance of GSLS added a layer of tangible value that virtual communications cannot deliver. It’s almost impossible to walk the corridors of the Horseshoe without meeting someone you know. In many ways the contact lens specialty industry feels like a family.

The Sphere in Las Vegas

Each year, the GSLS continues to offer unmatched value. Its design by and for eyecare professionals underscores its significance and impact within the industry. It's easy to overlook the profound influence that companies at all levels in this field have on improving lives globally. The diverse mix of attendees, including optometrists, ophthalmologists, contact lens fitters, and industry experts, enriches discussions about specialty contact lenses. Participating in this event is both an honor and a delight. This year was particularly thrilling as it marked a dual celebration: the 30th anniversary of FocalPoints launch and our recent membership in the CLMA.

Flying back to Italy

The allure of Las Vegas nightlife seamlessly blended with the camaraderie fostered during the symposium days. The dinners not only satiated our appetites but also fostered a sense of global community, resonating with the spirit of shared learning and growth that GSLS epitomized. As we say goodbye to Las Vegas, the reflections on the GSLS 2024 Symposium continue to resonate, reinvigorating the resolve to drive forward the mission we uphold at Advance Medical - designing and delivering world-class software for specialty contact lens manufacturing.

The GSLS 2024 Symposium wasn't just an event, it was a vibrant confluence of minds and ideas, mirroring the dazzling energy of Las Vegas itself. From the warm welcomes to the insightful discussions, every moment here reinforced our mission at Advance Medical. As we fly back to Italy, we carry with us not just memories but renewed inspiration and a strengthened commitment to excellence in specialty contact lens manufacturing. This symposium has once again affirmed that our journey in innovating for better vision is not just about technology, but about connecting, learning, and growing together with the global community.

Filippo Selden, CEO of Advance