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FocalPoints manages the entire production cycle: from lathing to inspection, from labelling to shipping. Upon scanning a Job's bar-code, the Lathe receives the surface's geometry, the blank center thickness and the cutting parameters defined for each model/material. All parameters are fed automatically. The operator performs only loading and unloading operations thus reducing errors and training.

Launch in Production


The Launch in Production module generates the file for lens cutting and assists the operator in all the preliminary tasks required to start the manufacturing process: such as printing the work-order, assigning the Material batch and Tray number if available. The module assists you in managing all the production's queues by prioritising jobs by different criteria like: job urgency, rejects, lens design, etc.

Launch in Production Module


FocalPoints interfaces with the Lathe's control software, accurately tracking the number of and type of lenses cut, rejects and re-cuts. Additionally, it prevents the unauthorised duplication of sensitive lens data files. FocalPoints uses a single line of bar-code to instruct the lathe as to which lens is to be cut, improving efficiency while dramatically cutting down on data-entry related errors.


Enabling Full Traceability


The Full Traceability module gathers all the information logged by the FP programs during the manufacturing process. The entire lens history, from production to shipping, can be accessed from a single interface. Every task performed on the lens is tracked with a time-stamp and the operator's who performed it. Having the lens history stored in a centralised database, not only reduces the cost of archiving lens work-orders, but also speeds up the data recollection process.

The Who, What, When, Where of Traceability
Managing all the Lab's Equipment


The Equipment Manager can manage the Lab's instruments registry. FocalPoints can record in the Lens history any measurement coming from all the Lab's instruments, may they be interfaced with FP or not. In the latter case the User will just need to input the data manually.

Cycle Management Integration


The Cycles' Management module allows the Lab to record in the lens history the details of additional operations like Hydration, Plasma treatment, Hydra-PEG™ coating and Sterilisation. The module not only tracks the cycle number, but it also stores relevant information like: the position in the tray, the machine id, the cycle's runtime, time-stamp and the list of lenses processed together.

Cycle Management Integration

Label Editor Module


The Label Editor module allows FocalPoints to streamline the entire printing process: from case labels to shipping labels. Everything is handled with great flexibility and full integration in an easy to use graphical interface. Labels can be designed from scratch, adding fixed text, variable text, images, logos and any order/lens parameter.

Label Editor Module
Manufacturing Live Dashboard


The Manufacturing Live Dashboard is available as an option for Workshop editions only, providing an interactive interface for analysing production in real time, making informed decisions. The dashboard is automatically updated and provides instant access to manufacturing for identifying production patterns, trends and potential issues before they even happen.

Manufacturing Live Dashboard

Laser Engraving Module


The Laser Engraving Module provides an intuitive visual environment for the precise placement of text, lines, and images. It offers comprehensive control over various aspects, ensuring both ease of use and adaptability. Upon finalizing the desired layout and parameters, the information is seamlessly transmitted to the Lathe's laser engraver for execution, streamlining the engraving process with efficiency and precision.

Laser Engraving Module

Autoloader Module


The Autoloader Module is an advanced tray management system for DAC& and OPTOFORM lathes which can be added to any FocalPoints system. It is fully integrated and it ensures substantial improvements in the manufacturing efficiency. The Autoloader Module keeps track on which tray each job is associated and allows the Operator to select a job by simply scanning the tray and selecting the physical position of the lens.

Autoloader Module
UDI + Barcodes


FocalPoints is capable of printing the UDI, as per FDA regulation, on the case labels or any other related documentation using either the QR Code or the Data Matrix format. The module allows to print the most common bi-dimensional barcodes (PDF 417, QR Code, Micro QR, Data Matrix) on the case label.

Conforming Arbour Module


The Conforming Arbour is used to cut an Arbour which mirrors the geometry of a CL base curve, taking into account also the wax thickness. The Arbour can either be symmetric, matching the steepest meridian, or fully asymmetric, following precisely the lens’ surface.

PSC 2.0 Production Database


The PSC 2.0 is the evolution of the FocalPoints production database. The PSC 2.0 was rewritten from the ground up to increase operational efficiency, further ameliorate the Jobs' pick-up speed and improve reliability.