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FocalPoints offers turn-key integration with leading lathe and laboratory instrument brands, streamlining the setup process to be both effortless and time-efficient. Our extensive software solution not only saves time and effort, but also ensures ultimate flexibility and scalability.


Only FocalPoints delivers unparalleled integration with top-tier lathes, offering native compatibility that spans across an endless array of models and types. This unique integration not only streamlines the manufacturing process but also ensures a uniform user experience with a minimal learning curve and decreased chances of operator error. Additionally, our platform enhances your capabilities with support for cutting-edge features like lathe-mounted Autoloaders and Laser Engravers for select brands.

Manufacturer Type
Ametek lathe + laser + loader
DAC lathe + laser + loader
Rem VT lathe + loader Upcoming Feature
Schneider OM lathe + laser


FocalPoints elevates the standard for traceability and measurement archiving in the contact lens manufacturing industry. Our integration enable operators to conduct comprehensive inspections — both qualitative and quantitative — directly within FocalPoints, viewing lens details, target values, and tolerance ranges for inspected parameters. Each integration facilitates instant pass/fail determinations and historical data storage for each lens.

Inspection Tools Type
Lambda-X NIMO power mapper
Neitz CG Auto bc measure
Nidek LM lensmeter
Optimec is830 New Feature lens image
Optimec MAP Tray New Feature auto lens image
Optocraft Cito Upcoming Feature wavefront analyzer
Rotlex Brass radius analyzer
Rotlex Contest lensmeter


Integrated Equipment and Services


FocalPoints seamlessly integrates with a wide range of leading topographers and aberrometers, offering an innovative approach to lens fitting by providing an accurate, interactive simulated fluorescein pattern and a detailed diagram of the tear layer. This allows for precise adjustments post-initial fitting based on topographic data, enabling the customization of the lens for an optimal fit.

Instruments Type
Eaglet ESP scleral profilometer
Medmont E-300 corneal topographer
Nidek OPD Scan aberrometer
Oculus Easygraph Upcoming Feature topographer
Oculus Keratograph Upcoming Feature corneal topographer
Oculus Pentacam Upcoming Feature aberrometer
Ovitz Xwave Upcoming Feature aberrometer
sMap3D corneal topographer
Tracey iTrace Upcoming Feature aberrometer

REM LML 1000 External Laser Engraver


The Laser Engraving Module provides an intuitive visual environment for the precise placement of text, lines, and images. It offers comprehensive control over various aspects, ensuring both ease of use and adaptability. Upon finalizing the desired layout and parameters, the information is seamlessly transmitted to the laser engraver for execution, streamlining the engraving process with efficiency and precision. The module is compatible with Dac, Ametek and Schneider lathes and also the REM LML 1000 external laser.


FocalPoints is capable of connecting and integrating with the most commonly used shipping Couriers.

Courier Availabilty
Colissimo europe
DX Delivery uk
FedEx global
Royal Mail uk
USA Postal Service usa
UPS global

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