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Established in 1974, Viscon® has been part of today’s leading innovators in the contact lens industry. With most of today’s largely used products available to practitioners and continually adding innovative lens designs and merchandise from all corners of the world to our product line, makes for total patient satisfaction and Viscon® the number one choice contact lens company. Involvement in research and development has led Viscon® to the msdtm lens. Created and manufactured by Viscon®, the msdtm is the only mini scleral design of its kind in the world. This patent pending design specialty lens is now one of the best lenses used particularly with KC patients, Post graft, Post Lasik, and other traumatized eyes where other lenses fail.

MSD Scleral Lenses


Scleral lens with design options for practitioners.

AOK (Accelerated Ortho Keratology)


Myopia control and Orthokeratology.

Enquire Design Owner

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