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We fit, design and produce large RGP CL in the Netherlands for over 70 yrs in 25 Medical Ophthalmic centers. The problem in fitting Pancorneal and Scleral lenses is the possibility for the lens to get sucked to the eye. The advantages of large lenses are obvious to all Contact lens fitters, to overcome suction forces we need to reduce the potential vertical oversize by means of an adjustable and predictable "ovality" feature in the landing zone. We make FP designs for more than 13 yrs. 5000 full asymmetric Scleral lenses have we fitted over the past 3 yrs, all data has been evaluated and converted to a limited trial set that works.



Scleral+Oval+Multifocal, from the optical centre this lens is build up from Tangents only. Tangents have two important benefits: junctions run more smooth and tangents have less mechanical resistant. Corneal ovality is in average 0.8mm and cause 460microns of height difference in the Hor/Ver corneal landing. Furthermore the haptic zone can be specified as you please. Note that 1:5 scleral meridians are flat in the vertical direction, clear that this feature must be adjustable in this asymmetric design. Front toric icw Multifocal it is all in this design.



Pancorneal bitoric Multifocal design. Question that might rise is where does the Tangent on the cornea starts. We think that corneal topography misinform us by computing all peripheral values into radii, while it should be tangents. Lovely to see how easily Pts get adapted to these large RGP CL. Indications: Myopia control, Keratoconus, Tx's, heavy eye syndrome etc. etc. Like the scleral lens design. This design will come with extended data, trial sets, power points, fitting guidelines and if so. Practical support in several University Medical centers like Erasmus MC the Netherlands.

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