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LCS is a French contact lens manufacturer. LCS develops and manufacture high-performance and comfortable lenses for all types of regular and irregular cornea. The product line includes a wide variety of designs in rigid, scleral, hybrid and soft lenses to provide a solution for every patient.



These lenses are to simplify prescriber fittings while improving RPG lens wearer comfort with different designs to comply with regular corneas needs but also for any other irregular cornea shape. These different designs are both available in unifocal and Multifocal.

Scleral Lenses


This range of contact lenses is to simplify prescriber’s adaptation while offering a full range of diameters and designs. These designs allow patient to be equipped without compromise from the simplest (spherical) lens to the most advanced (asymmetric) design.

RGP Lenses


All designs for regular and irregular corneas in unifocal or multifocal versions are being offered and available in spherical, back toric, front toric, bitoric designs,unifocal or multifocal. They have been designed to help practitioner to adapt lenses easily and efficiently.

Ortho K Lenses


Ortho K lens for Corneal reshaping, myopia and astigmatism, myopia control. Designs spherical and toric

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