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Dakota Sciences LLC

Dakota Sciences is the licensor of the SoClear Family of Semi Sclera Lenses. Dakota Sciences offers designs in Standard refractive error, Aspherical Cone, Post refractive surgery, and Progressive Multifocal designs. For Comfort and Clarity, the Choice is Clear - SoClear. Clear, Comfortable, Healthy Vision, Dakota Sciences.

SoClear Standard


A lens design that is comfortable and stable, and can be used on a variety of indications. An essential tool that has broad application in the standard design range.

SoClear Aspherical Cone


Variable aspheric back surface specially designed for moderate to advanced keratoconus.

SoClear Progressive


The SoClear Progressive is a true revolution for today's Presbyopes.

SoClear Post Refractive Surgery


The SoClear Post Refractive Surgery Lens can provide relief for patients that are having problems after surgery. The lens has been also very helpful for patients that have undergone penetrating keratoplasty.

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